OhMamaCare! It's My Bag!” What? Oh Mama! I‘ve had a toothache and some bug and other health malfunctions lately and my family, too. Good thing they’re all covered under my “OhMamaCare”! I wouldn’t want a penalty for not having any healthcare. With OhMamaCare there is no waiting for an appt., no paperwork and it’s all done with house calls. The way healthcare should be. I mean, who wants to go to the Dr. when you’re sick? Mama’s make good nurses, so why not Dr.’s, too? Yep. Dr. Mama cares! And, best of all? Mama’s won’t charge you and an arm and a leg to make your arm or your leg feel better. Mama’s insurance is “Oh so soothing”. She’s got a lot of tricks in her bag. It's her bag to care and be tender and loving. Not much out-of-pocket. Mostly out-of-apron! She listens and she loves to hear “Oh Mama! That feels so much better. Great bedside manner. She even makes the bed up for you. PIMP LOL. OhMamaCare! Get it today. Because healthcare can be so taxing. DUH LOL. Have a soothing day. Show your Mama some love. I gotta go make a house call now. BTW, OhMamaCare Dr.'s all go to the same school for their healing and caring techniques. They learn from the Master Healer and Lover Of Souls. ObamaCare, OhDramaCare or OhMamaCare? No penalties for reading... PIMP LOL. Signed, Aware Of The Care& The Doc Mama In The Rock Mama

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