My Velvet Victorian Vox Vamp Chair!

So, it turns out my sissy Voluptuous Velvet Victorian Vox Vamp chair is the perfect chair for playing video games, victoriously! I tried to tell them for years why I loved it. Makes me feel victorious just sittin’ in it. I guess it's now the Voluptuous Velvet Victorian Vox Vamp & Video Game Chair. Never say never. Or, sissy. Turns out it has the 3 necessary draws: comfortable cushiony seat, supportive back and decadently decorative curvy rosey style. Sissy? I think not! Desperation and broken chairs call for desperate measures and sissy chairs. That’s when you find the treasures and the flairs! Like my sissy VVVV chair. Now, the VVVVVG chair. Have a victorious day. My Victory is in God with Whom I find treasure. And, flair! SIGNED, The Velvet Victorian

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