"MY OK CORRAL!" That place you get where you don't have to run around tidying up the yard, the house or yourself to impress someone that's coming over. Because you're heart is tidy and you are what you are! And, you're OK with that. For now. And, you don't have to fight any gun battles to prove it! Course, I could just be tired! Nah! PIMP LOL. I'm really OK with it. Right at home at my OK Corral. Besides, it's the heart they want to see. And, it's about giving your heart and time for them. God knows our heart. That's the good news, the bad news and the Good News! Have a tidy day! Don't hide-y your tidy! Accept yourself and you'll make exceptions for others. Except, it's easier said than done. Accept that, too. Because life and we people aren't always tidy. OK? Oh! And, the photoart collage? From yesterday seeing a friend from my teens. We were making the teen scene, again! That's where my story idea came from. I've been very ill as most of you know and I did not want to expend 1 ounce of energy on tidying, just on the moment. The moments. Resting today while I do laundry to fight off the rest of this. Because life can sometimes be a fight. Appreciate you guys' prayers. You're OK! This is one of those rare times when I say to have an OK day! PIMP LOL. Signed, Being Me Is All About You

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