My Girl!

I needed a smile this morning so and she gave me one in a flash. Oh snap! And, I framed it! And, she was just telling me she got an A on her English paper for "All's Quiet..." I told her she was amazing and that I love A's. And, I love U's! PIMP LOL. Yep! Nothin' like a smile. A real one. No phony bologney ones. Have a wonderful day and smile. Off to go visit and feed at my front porch b'log. Yes! There's actually folks who stop by and are hungry for my b'logna. Stop by! I'll feed you some humor and hope and lots of b'logna at my front porch b'log! Some hot stories, but no phony stuff. All authentic. Maybe a li’l eccentric. And, eclectic. Even, electric. But, not phony! No phony bologney. Just my bologney! PIMP LOL. And, I’ll leave you with a smile. Like she does me… So, stop by and make me smile by following me there. Hot food. For the soul. Signed, The Pile Of Hot B’logney From The Smile Of The Not Phony! Writer!

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