Money & Comfort: A Dime-ond In The Rough

“MONEY & COMFORT!” So, I’m supposed to only eat a tenth of a portion. A dime of a dollar. Like a tenth of a sandwich or tenth of a slice of pizza. You get it. So, been having a tough, uncomfortable time of it for too long, so what do we do when we’re uncomfortable? Look for comfort, of course! Not the pill or the booze or cig thing anymore. No. I’ve been splurging (IGNORING THE VOICE IN MY HEAD) and eating quarter portions instead of a dime on a dollar. I know. Here’s a quarter. Call someone who cares. But, I’d give you my 25 sense worth. Anyways, the food helps now but later? Disaster. Well, I prayed and kicked my butt simultaneously. A penny for your thoughts on that one. PIMP LOL. And, then, decided to put my money where my guts are and go back to the dime on a dollar thang. I know it won’t fix everythang, but it’s on the money for my tummy. And, you wouldn’t believe how much our stomachs control the rest of us. Until you don’t have it. And, yes, I know. God is my comfort. I was thinking of the physical and emotional quick fix. Which usually ends up nickeling and diming you to broke-n-ness. So, whatever your struggle thang is, health or relationship or just life? Don’t cash it all in or gamble it all away for temporary comfort. God wants to hear and help and comfort. And, it won’t cost a penny. Just trust and faith and many times, discomfort. What? Discomfort to find comfort? Amen. Have a comforting rest of the week. I know the 1 thing that causes me discomfort when I am struggling and just want to be quiet and hide, also causes me the most comfort of all, if I can just get started. It is the only medicine I can take. Sing… Find your comfort. The one that is uncomfortable. In the beginning… But, then becomes THAT comfort zone. Don’t let that voice tell you to quit. Signed, This Doll…errr…Is A Dime-ond In The Rough

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