“MAKING WAVES!” What? So, sometimes you just gotta make waves! PIMP LOL. Not so’s to upset those around you. But, to keep you from sinking into the stillness of being just a drop of water in the sea of life. Some us make waves to get noticed, some make waves just trying to swim. And, some to stir things up and splash burning salt water in others eyes to give them a rough ride. Me? I just like to make waves of humor and music to stir in a diff way. To make a splash in a good way. To be more than just a drop of water… Make a splash today. Crash in on someone’s stillness and make them feel noticed. You’ll sea… It will bring a wave of life over them. And, you know what? Just thinking of the ocean? Reminds me of the Ocean Maker. Crash in on His day and say hi. He appreciates a wave every now and then. Just like us… SIGNED, Behaving And How! AND Waving Goodbye, For Now!

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