"LIFE CAN BE A HOOT IF WE LEARN TO KICK BOOT, eh?!" So, I'm cleaning and polishing my Roper boots of 20 years with some saddle soap. So’s I can get back in the saddle again and kick some boot. ‘tis good for the sole. And, soul. We all need some cleaning up and polishing of our boot, eh? PIMP LOL. So, have a fun day. Show your soul, not your boot, eh? We all get beat up and worn out. And, sometimes it shows. That’s when we need to look inside and find our polished! The Great Soul Repairer will polish. No strings attached and He won’t rub us the wrong way, although it may feel like it at the time. My dear Uncle Pete bought me these from his Western store up in Amish farm country in Pennsylvania. He is so special to me. He went to be with Jesus this past year and I miss him. Shall see him again, one day. Thank you for these boots and mems Uncle Pete. Oh! And, BTW? Got a new vid up, so get your boots on and come on over to this link: Read the show more section all about the song. That would be soul nice. BTW? These boots have been on the Gettysburg Battlefields. Course after that war. Ha ha. Just a bit. And, on the battlefields of my life. Many stories, but that's another um...story. These boots were made for walkin' and have walked all over, but as my friend, Dyann, just reminded me, never all over anyone. Signed, The Hoot Snicker In The Boot Kicker

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