“JUST A FIGURINE OF SPEECH!” So, as I was uploading photographs and writing memories from this weekend, I kept seeing my figurine on my desk of my pig, Grace. And, a pearl necklace a friend made me for stage. The 2 items got me thinking. If you cast your pearls before swine don’t expect to bring home the bacon. Put your wisdom to work at something meaty you can sink your teeth in (with a smile), that has benefits. Hard work and a li’l ham never hurt anyone. Well, that’s just my hammed up “figurine” of speech. ParaTraced from the bible. Now, I love pigs, but here’s what that really means. Pearls, of course, are considered to be things of great value, and swine (pigs) are often considered to be lowly animals. So, it really means "Don't waste something valuable by giving it to someone who doesn't, won’t or can't appreciate it." Have a hardworking hammed up day. Casting your pearls before swine? Not s’wise. Wisdom at it’s swinest! Casting your care before our wise God? Wisdom at it’s finest. Because going before Him is never wasted and never not appreciated. Thanks for letting me rib ya with my story and photodrama a figurine replica of my pet pig, Grace. You know, it’s not always the pigs that are the swine. And, BTW? Our trip this past weekend was full of rain and speaking of pigs? Squealing! Yep! Our car mysteriously squealed the whole way there and back. Very high pitch squeal. Probably dust in the brakes. But, man did it squeal. Anyways, here is the album link if you missed our fun: https://www.facebook.com/tracyofthebasicband/media_set?set=a.10201185192106391.1073741836.1668094552&type=1 Appreciate all you guys carrying us so we could go. God does hear. And, does supply grace. Signed, The Fun In The Pun Is Done, Now

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