Jugs & Juggernauts!

"Jugs & Juggernauts!" Well, it’s been said that you ain’t in a band ‘less you play an instrument. Well, I used to play guitar, a li’l bass, a li’l drums, but no more. Just sing! But, as a singer, I say our body and voice is an instrument, but just in case? I’ve taken up the jug! No! I didn’t go off the wagon. I picked up my jug and I'm learning how to use it as an instrument. Have a fun day! In the sun as well as the moon…shine! On! Be an instrument of God! Whatever you do, do with excellence. Will the jug be my juggernaut? Um…jug? Errr… Not! But, you know you are looking for a jug around the house to try blowing into o make some cool sounds. This jug is actually an antique handed down. No moonshine left in it. Signed, The Vox With The Jokes

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