IN-A-COG-NEATO: When your wheels are always turning and sometimes, your thoughts get stuck in a few of the cogs in the wheels along the way and become disguised as busy-ness or sadness or hermit-ness or oblivion-ness. We can all get bogged down in the cogs and disguised in a fog. That’s when it’s time to stop thinking, stop hiding out, take off the shades, be still, be quiet and call on God to tidy up the thoughts and the mess we sometimes make of things. Clear our fog. Make our messes neat! O! You know what I mean, right? I know He helps get me out of the bog of cogs and fogs and gets me turning smooth again. Until then? I’m “in-a-cog-neato”! Because I’m too transparent. An open book, wearing my shades that hide my eyes. Because you can’t disguise the eyes of my heart. What it doesn’t mean is that I walk around saying “neato” I am so glad I am in a cog and a fog. Yay. No. Though, I do try to keep humor and music in the midst of the fog. Just sayin’. Everyone gets down or feels like hiding out or being in disguise. I do try to find the whoas in the woes, faithfully, not fake-fully. Even when I’m “in-a-cog-neato”! And, especially when I see others “in-a-cog-neato!” Sometimes, we’re a cog in the wheel, and sometimes we’re wheel! But, God is there. Maybe incogneato, with His mystery shades, but there. Wheely! We all like to have our cognition going at full speed. Our ability to think, have reason, attention, learning, understanding, memory, etc. Not stuck in a cog. But stuck in cognition. I know I’ve been cogniZzzz when I should have been cognizant! PIMP LOL. Have a neat week! Incognition. Not incognito. SIGNED, Disguise The Eyes Not The Heart

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