I Wreck'n!

“I WRECK’N!” Just sitting in a music room/studio next to all the instruments and mics don’t make a song get laid down on tracks. Just like sitting at a station in a train on a train track don’t get you to where you wanna go. You gotta engineer them both to get to their destinations. To reach your goal. A finished song or miilestone along your tracks of life. And, speaking of trains? Just like our voices and hands, we do have to train our brain. But, we don't have to train wreck our brain. Gotta know who gets on and who gets off, what drives it, where you're at, and, where you're going, I wreck'n. If we do wreck? We have a Wreck'nciler. Who knows which end of our train is the engine and which is the caboose. Gets us back on track, heading in the right direction. Thinking with the right end. And, one thing's for certain? You WILL have a train wreck if you keep your caboose sitting on the tracks and not moving. Have a fun weekend. Track a milestone. We're going to work on our newest song. Meantime, here are our other tracks! All aboard! www.basicband.biz Signed, The Tracks Of Trace

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