So, I’m feelin’ a li’l meloncallin’me today. PIMP LOL. Have my fave watermelon colored summer top on and it got me thinking of the watermelon in the fridge. Got my hopes all up, again! Yuck. Why did they have to mess with perfection. I miss the big hunkin’ green watermelon with huge black seeds and the sweet nectar of melon awaiting inside to gorge and devour. They had to screw them up by trying to make seedless? Seedless? Really? How lame. Seeds are necessary for sweet life. I want a good watermelon so bad. Used to eat 1 a week forever. And, the spittin’ the seeds out kept us from getting addicted to chew. JK! But, ya laughed! Now, that would be a funny photo op. Anyways, gonna take my meloncallinme and my melancholy to God. He makes good from spit. And, spit’s about all we got today. No rain. But, I did get to take some shots of the ever so lovely and colorful purple Passion Flower in our yard. The butterflies of PSJ had all met here this morning I believe. Gorgeous ones flying all over the flowers. What a site! Anyways, about the flower? The Anglicized name, "passion" flower refers to the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ. The name and the flower itself are filled with symbolism. The 5 petals and the 5 sepals are said to represent the 10 faithful apostles (omitting Peter? and Judas). The tips of the leaves suggest the point of the centurion's spear. The central flower column denotes the pillar of the scourging. The flower's tendrils resemble the whips used in the flagellation. The corona filaments are compared to Christ's crown of thorns. The three stigma are called the nails, and the five anthers reflect the 5 sacred wounds, while the red stains recall the blood of Christ. Well, speaking of passion? When you’re passionate about something you will walk, run or crawl if you have to make a milestone. My milestones, a lot of times, find me down in the stones and gravel and mud just a' crawling my heart and knees out to mark them. That's okay cuz I've met lots of fine Marks in that crawl space. And, Paul's and John's and Mary's and Jesus. And, prolly, you. We all have to remember how to crawl cuz it may be our only option. Or theirs. And, speaking of lovely colors? I woke up from a bad, sad dream. So real. Felt lost and drawing blanks on why. Prayed and got my morning going but, it got me thinking. I might draw a blank, but at least I draw it in color. I might get painted black, but my true colors will show through my canvas. Life’s not always easel-y. I might get written off, but I will not be erased. I, sometimes, speak no words, so I might not be sentenced. We hold life at our fingertips. Let’s be kreatively kind huemans when we draw our conclusions or before we write others off. Like God is with us. He imparts Art when dealing with us. The Art of love. You know that guy? Art? He gets lost, sometimes. Art is gentle, kind, patient, forgiving wrongs, giving 2nd chances and loving huemans. Yes, I, might draw a blank, either because I can’t remember the answer, or I don’t want to, but I can do it in color. Huemor and hope come in all colors. Love doesn’t have to be a lost art. There! I just put all this week’s blog stories into one. Longer for you, but easier for me. Thanks, for taking time to read it. Oh! And, if you'd like to see the photos better? Click on the them to get the bigger picture. PIMP LOL.  Signed, Makin' A Mark In The Dark & Finding A Call In The Crawl While I Chew & Yell ‘bout The New Mel

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