I Beg Your Pardon, But I Beg To Differ!

If you have to beg to be a part of something, maybe you should beg to differ! What? I beg your pardon? Yep. Don't need to beg anyone 'cept maybe God. And, really, He doesn't require begging. We just tend to do that when we want something really bad or we're hurting. God can use you outside or inside that something you want to be part of. Sometimes, being on the outside lookin' in make the in look more appealing than the out. 'til you get in. Then, you beg to be used on the out. I beg your pardon? Thing is? We're always part of something if we make God a part of our everything. Signed, If I Beg To Differ, I Beg Your Pardon

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