Homemade Humor!

So, I've had 3 launches of 3 diff back scrubbers in less than 3 months. All 3 launches? Scrubbed! PIMP LOL. But, not because they scrubbed the back. No. The first 1 cracked in 34 seconds. 1 was too soft and 1 had faulty parts. Guess you COULD say that I had "lift off" with each one. Lift off the back. PIMP LOL. Signed, The Ex Space Shuttle Employee Looking For Best Back Scrubber To Enjoyee 

If sheep were closed caption writers… When a sheep heard something repetitive they’d type/translate blaah blaah blaah. When a sheep heard something revolting, it would just bleat it out! PIMP LOL. Okay. Not another peep outta me. Signed, The Peep In The Sheep 

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