"HOLDING ON! DON'T HOLD BACK!" Holding on to what you know is all about letting go so they can know more… Don't hold back from holding them, but don't hold them back. I love having her safe in my arms, but I gotta let her go. No worries. Well, not many. PIMP LOL. She's in the bigger arms of God. BTW, after seeing this photo that was taken at a friend's birthday party a couple months ago when it was cold out, and not having any time to fancy it up, I’m thinking I’ve been holding on for a while now and I need more! Of a new hairstyle? DUH LOL. A little makeup. DUH LOL. New wardrobe. DUH LOL. And, ya know? There's nothing like holding someone when they hold you back! Or, don't hold back. Depends on how you look at it! PIMP LOL. Have a lovely weekend. SIGNED, I Know, I know...I'm Holding On To Just Bein' Us...Nothin' Fancy

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