“HIGH ON LIFE or 1 TOKE OVER THE LINE?” To me, this whole pot thing's a smoke screen. Literally! Cough, cough. I mean if smoking cigs is harmful, then um...duh! I'm def not ignorant. On either account. Kicked those habits right in the buds. I don't need to google my info. I lived it. For the very few it may help, make a pill and let doc dispense. Having pot houses with diff flavors sounds taxing for everyone and highly similar to shops back in the day. About 1 toke over the line, if you ask me. I'm burnt out on it already. Stick that in your pipe & smoke it. Maybe you think I'm bong-o! Nope. Just hash-ing over my dope opinion and weed-ing out the bugs in it. Or, should I say roaches. Just making light. Of a haze-y tops-ic. TNT LOL. Hope you still think highly of me. I know. That's a loaded statement. That took an ounce of courage and a pound of truth. I think I shall go listen to some tunes. How ‘bout The Doobie’s? PIMP LOL. Oh! And, the photodrama? Well, some of my space center buds and me goofing around just high on life. BTW? How many engineers does it take to tune a guitar? 3. 2 regular engineers and 1 sound engineer. PIMP LOL. Yes, I used to do sound. But, the point is that God made me sound. Thing is? My high is now The Most High. Signed, Blowing Steam 'bout The Smoke Scream & The Toke Scheme

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