“HELMETS & EGGS!” So, I was watching football yesterday. And, one of the football players was such a good egg. I liked the way he scrambled. PIMP LOL. And, another one made such an awesome pass. Yes, I love football. Yes, I know all about it. Yes, I’m a girl. Okay, I'm gonna be a good egg myself and omelette you get back to your Monday now. Just wanted to crack you up. I hope it went over easy. I needed it, too. Last week was a hard, boiled day. It hit me all at once. No worries. I take all my eggs to God. His yoke is easy. Life’s too short. Don’t let it pass you by. Yes, I was sitting here for this photograph, but, don’t you sit. Get up and pass on some hope. Scramble to help someone. And, take your eggs to Him whose yoke is easy. Not saying life will be easy. I beg to differ there. Nope. Not every effort ends up as a touchdown. And, we do get downs. Jus’ sayin’ that we are not without comfort as we would be without Him. We have our helmet. The helmet of salvation. Keeps us eggs from cracking. Score! Have a fun week. Play a li’l. SIGNED, The Yoke In The Joke

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