“HEARTBURN, KNUCKLE SANDWICHES, BONE-CRACKING JEALOUSY & GASSIP"! ! So, I was so tired I fell asleep curled up in a ball that when I woke up this morning and went out to get the mail, my knees cracked so loud that my knuckles got jealous and asked if my knees wanted a knuckle sandwich. Then, my neck popped in after hearing all the commotion and told my knees AND knuckles to leave the real cracking work to someone who can really stick their neck out and do it up right. PIMP LOL. Bodies… Don’t they just crack you up? Life might not be all it’s cracked up to be sometimes, but finding the humor in it keeps us from cracking up! We all have our cracks. But, we also all have our talents and gifts. Some of us get on our knees for others, some of us encourage and fight for others and some of us stick our necks out for others to serve. Which, BTW, is better than sticking your neck out to hear gossip. Which brings me to “Gassip”! My spelling for gossip because it's cooked up with a harmful mixture of hot air over gas. And, all you require is 1 sip and you have gas! It not only explodes on the cook, and everyone who eats at that table, but gives heart burn to the hungry ones who refuse to eat but feel the heat and throwup their arms in gas-lyness! Though, the cook, unafflicted from having worn a gas mask, usually changes aprons and moves on to a new kitchen. Gassip makes everyone sick. Gassip gives everyone gas. But, one day we shall all be eating at His table and it shall be a gas with no gassip! I think most gossip stems from jealousy. And, did you every notice the word lousy is in there? Yep. Jealousy is lousy. Life has it’s gas and cracks, but it also has crackups and is a gas, too. So, go have yourself a cracking day. Me? Going to go have knuckle sandwich! Stick my neck out and get on my knees. We do each have our gifts and talents, so don't feel like giving someone else a knuckle sandwich. Instead, get cracking and get on your knees for them. I know that can hurt. Sometimes, hard to pray for someone else, but it hurts us worse if we don't! Crack a knee, crack a smile. But, don't crack some gassip! We each are all one part part of a big body. Each having our value and function and gifts and talents. Get crackin'! And, yes, I got the music in me. In more ways than one. PIMP LOL TNT LOL. Signed, My Heart Burns For You While My Body Cracks Me Up

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