"HARD WORK, HARD HATS & FISHING!" So, I was just thinking about wanting to be better. Not just health-wise. But, wise. A better person, wife, mama, step-mama, daughter, friend, neighbor, singer, servant, you get it. To do that, my think has to link up with my ink. You know... Flight the plight of which I write. Bring it when when I sing it. Play out what I say out. Loud. Be the plea! My think makes me ink. Well, my think makes me wink and blink a lot, too. PIMP LOL. What? It makes you do that, too? DUH LOL. Night, wise-guys! Point is? We all wear many hats of which we would like to wear better. Life is hard. Get your hard hat and your smile and be hard at work. Works for me! Signed, Trying To Be Better To The Letter So I Can Be Living Out The Giving At Any Givin Time

So, I seem to be on a work theme. Hard work. Profitable to the fisherman AND the fisher of man. Profitable for the gullet and the…um…wait for it! Wallet! I know. You sallet coming and waited with baited breath. Hope your evening is off the hook. Don't be reeled in. Thy rod and Thy being reel will comfort you and the Fisher Of All Men will fish with you. Hook, line and sinker! BTW, this is my Throwback Thursday status. Jus' like some fish? You can throw this back if you don't like it cuz I'm not fishin' for a like. PIMP LOL. Signed, I Cullet Like I See It & Mullet Over

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