Handerpants, Long John, Shorty and Tank!

HANDERPANTS. All you gotta do is wear them or pull them out and you get instant warm hands, instant warm smile. What are they? Underpants for the hands. Smiles? Handerpants for the soul. It was so cold this morn I actually wore them underneath my fingerless gloves. But, thy really need to be seen. Really! They come in handy. PIMP LOL. For breaking the ice with anyone anywhere and keeping the ice off your hands. And, speaking of breaking and keeping? We should always do 2 things that ensure warm hearts and hands. #1 Wear our Handerpants. #2 Don’t break, always keep our promises. Get ya sum! Handerpants and turned up corners of mouths! Cuz everyone should have a pair of both. You know you're smiling just thinking about it. Long John and Handerpants tell me they've never been so confused and jealous! They don't like the on-again off-again relationship with me. They don't like sharing "their" time with Tank and Shorty! I told them to loosen up, though not too much cuz they already fit loose on me. And, that Tank and Shorty are tight if you get to know them! There's room for everybody in the winter of my life. Even, if it is a crazy Florida winter! PIMP LOL. Have fun today, guys! Make room for those that don't seem to fit and all the other guys will loosen up! Being jealous does not gel us. And, friends are there for all kinds of weather! Signed, The Tight Friends Tie Up The Loose Ends & My Pander & Rants About Handerpants

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