“GRACE, COFFEE & POOP! GROUNDS FOR GROWTH!” As, I went out early this morn with our coffee grounds to fertilize our plants, I thought of this story. I’ve always fertilized with pig poop and coffee grounds. Yep. You heard right. Our yard, plants and flowers loved both. And, my TLC and talkin’ to them, of course. Grace was trained to go outside and fertilize for us and I would take the coffee grounds out every morn and put on diff plants or areas. They, also like us, need to be knee deep in crap to grow. And, grounded for stimulation. Throw in some TLC and talkin’ to and you got it growin’ on! PIMP LOL. I don’t have Grace anymore, but I do take the coffee grounds out every morn, give them TLC and talk to them. You know what I always say: gotta get dirty to stay grounded. The joe makes it grow. And, though crap may be all around us, it don’t have to be in us or come out of our mouth. Thank you, Grace. We miss you. And, not just for your poop. Thank you, God, for your grace. For all the crap. You got it growin’ on! DUH LOL. OH! And, my Grace? As you can see in the collage, she loved on me when I was very very ill. Her nickname? Um. With us playing guitars? Hamstrings! PIMP LOL. She was a lot like me. She loved dancing, chomping on ice and drinking Coke from the little old bottles and being fed Ramen Noodles, not cut up. She left that to me. Being a cut up? PIMP LOL. And, remember… Hugging a pig keeps you from snorting at all the other hams and swine out there. Be kind, mind ya. It’ll grow ya. Signed, I Know About Grow From The Crap In My Lap Says The Trace With The Grace

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