“GLOVE LOVE” So, I just got some brown leather fingerless gloves from a YouTube friend of our bands in the mail. Love them. Love the gloves, too! Stiff right now, but pretty soon they’ll be just like me. Tough as leather, but soft. Worn and weathered, but someone you can count on for a hand! PIMP LOL. Course, they'd both have fingerless gloves on them. Or, Handerpants. I’d even give you the shirt off my back. Well, my saying is: I'd give you the fingerless gloves right off my hands. For real! I’ve given away tons of my gloves to young girls. To show them some love back when they’ve come up on stage to show me some. Show some love. Give someone a hand. Preferably with a fingerless glove on it. DUH LOL. Oh! And, today's def needed surprise reminded me of another friend on YouTube that used to send me gloves. She went on to heaven last year and I miss her... Susan... See you again one day. Signed, The Loved Is Gloved

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