Geez! Some living daylights. pleaze!

“GEEZ! COULD I HAVE SOME DAYLIGHT PLEAZE!” So, the past 3 weeks, I've been doing a lot of wheezing, sneezing, queazing, Zzzzz-ing and kneezing (gettin' on my knees prayin')! Which is when I noticed how I need to get well and be doin' a lot of uh, Appeazing myself by house cleaning! Wow! Vacuuming, dusting, etc. No worries. I will be eazing into it so I won’t be “oh geez!-ing” it afterwards and feeling worse. Have a fun day guys. Laugh, smile, sing. You’d be amazed how it changes you inside. It’s the beez kneez. PIMP LOL. What does that really mean? Umm…well, when bees flit from flower to flower the nectar sticks to their legs. The phrase "bee's knees" means sweet and good, because the knees of the bee are where all the sweet, good stuff is collected. Hope you be breezing your way through your day and collecting the good sweet stuff. Oh! And, I just had something scare the living daylights outta me! Glad I’m still living afterwards to go outside and put some daylights back in me! For real! PIMP LOL. Prayed the scare outta me! So glad we can call on God anytime, anywhere, anyscare! What was the scare? A horrorible food reaction scare! And, boy, you guys know how much I have needed the daylight with all the darkness I’ve had recently. Very thankful. Very pleazed. It doesn’t take much for me. Have a fun day. Shatter the darkness with some daylight! Wander outside in the wonder of the outside. Signed, The Might In The Light & The Pleazing In The Cheezing

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