“FRESH STARTS, FRESHMEN & FRESH WOMEN!” So, I started my morn with a refreshing long shower and prayers and a bit of fresh fruit. Could use some health prayers, guys, for a breath of fresh air to enter my head and lungs and body today. See, I’m shopping for college with my girl in a bit. And, I've always felt the strain of what my health does to me and those around me. I do so try to hide it in my humor and music and just living and enjoy life and be a refreshing person and Mama to be around. But, you guys know I'm an open book. I've always felt guilty and continually apologizing to everyone for being sickly and not having a stomach and wanting to be like every other person, which is dumb, I know. So, maybe I need a fresh start, too. I apologize! PIMP LOL. Anyways, we will enjoy today, no matter what. Each day is a fresh new start and you never know how it may end. What's important is to get up and start it! Just thankful to be able to be with her as she soon begins her fresh new start in 1 week. Hope your day is refreshing. Us fresh women are off! SIGNED, The Freshman & The Fresh Woman

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