“FRENCH BEACH RESORT WITH MYRTLE, MAPLE & ODETTE!” What? Well, this morning, as the sun was just peeking through, I sat in front of my Maple tree and Crepe Myrtle. I soon was off at a French beach resort resting and healing my lungs and heart and body and soul. Well, pretending, but still… It was fun. Though, I did miss my girl today. She is working interning at the church office. I made do with the other ladies, Myrtle and Maple. Sometimes, you just gotta resort to the imagination Also, a fun place to visit! PIMP LOL. So, what do you get when the sun starts peaking through the Maple and Crepe Myrtle? Sweet heat “tree”ts! Now, that I think about it? The 2 trees together with the sun sound like a hot breakfast. Hot Crepes with sweet hot Maple syrup. Gotta love Myrtle and Maple. Lovely ladies who always have it made in the shade. BTW, when I took French and advanced French in high school? My name was Odette! There was no name for Tracy! DUH LOL. Have a fun day. Resort to enjoying it. I gotta go in and rest a bit. Did too much working and not enough resorting. SIGNED, The Odette in The Tracy

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