“FREE!” So, I received an email that said I was an original free spirit in all I do. PIMP LOL. I think they meant crazy! But, it got me thinking! Freely! PIMP LOL. I like to be a free thinker always trying to be on the brink of thinking up something unique. I like to be original, funny and musical. And, put my stuff out there on the internet to connect and link up with others. I also like to fix stuff, write, decorate and work my magic. So, that makes me a free thinker, a free brinker, a free inker, a free linker, a free tinker-er, a free stinker, a free singk-er! And, a free blinker workin’ my magic. Just kiddin’. Now, I’m a free shrinker! Cuz, really? My help comes my God who gives me all I need to be me. I am a free drinker of the water of life. BTW? The photodrama is me freely thinking that I will next paint the grass purple! After painting the jeans and the blue brick walls. Still can't decide on a color for the trees... SIGNED, The Free In Me

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