For The Record!

For the record, we have 2 albums up at our website at and working on a third, but had to take a break. Most of you know I’ve been fighting a terrible pneumonia most of 2013 and a bad bug this year, but this time resting totally until well. For the record? Worse bug ever! For the record? Trusting God and getting better. Stop by the website and check out our basic technique on our music. The photograph? Just a li’l corner of our music room: The Vinyl Frontier. You can see a few of our fave vinyl up above me. My shirt? The death of the Technics Record Player. PIMP LOL. For the record? I love records and record players, naturally. I’m an analog girl in a digital world. Sounds like a new song to me. I like the basic ways. Anyways, I won’t be cookin’ in this room today, but I will be in the kitchen! Have a fun day. Cook somewhere! Use your technique! Signed, the b.a.s.i.c. technique freak

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