Florida Fall!

Im hiding behind the bushes and around the corner seeing if I can catch Florida Fall sneakin round here somewhere close to my front porch. 87 the day before yesterday, 80 degrees today, 83 degrees tomorrow, 60 degrees the next day, 85 the next, 57 the next. You get it. Up and down the rollercoaster. No wonder I get dizzy. For some odd reason, I am singing that disco song "RollerCoaster"! DUH LOL. So, anyways, I have my fingerless gloves, boots, short sleeve shirt and fave flannel all ready for any weather. And, if its hot and rainy, the flannel doubles as a rainhat. PIMP LOL. Watch out Fall. I got my eyes on you. You leaf me no choice but to pretend I'm up north until then. PIMP LOL. Oh well. No matter. I am thankful for any weather and the Weather Maker. Signed, The Ready For The Any, Rocker Off Her Rocker

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