"FLAKING OUT ABOUT WHAT OTHERS THINK OF YOU?" So, you wouldnt worry so much about what people think of you if you only knew how little people think of you. Yes, this is so true. We all get busy, 'specially this time of year. We all start getting a lil flaky and have meltdowns. And, the time in a day spent in thinking on each person we know is very little, indeed. Still, all of us want to be thought a lot of in that little slot of time. We may not be thought about a lot, but we wanna be thought a lot of. When we think of ourselves less, we find more room to think of others. To be mindful of others. Thats a mindful. Its not how much others think of you, its HOW they think of you when they do. Mind your kindness towards others. Theyll know you by your kind. And, remember? We are each unique like a snowflake. So, lets not be just another cold, holiday flake and flake out over how little others think of us when we should be thinking about others in the first place. Signed, The Kind In The Mind

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