“FINE FONE FUNNY FARM FEATHERED FRIENDS!” So, this morning I was up with the roosters and not too chicken to fly with the eagles. And, even though, all I did was just flap my wings, waddle around like a duck and quack myself up, I know I will fly soon! PIMP LOL. Because, even if you can’t see my wings, He’s there. Giving this bird flight in humor and song and hope. Oh! And, did I mention my rooster is in my cell phone? So, I can command him as to what time to make noise and get me up. He sounds so real, too. He’s a fine feathered fone friend! PIMP LOL. Makes me feel like I’m on the farm. And, not the one you’re thinking of, my fine funny friends. Have a fine evening friends. And, a funny one. Reminds me of a song... Where life is beautiful... PIMP LOL. SIGNED, The Farm Bird With The Invisible Wings Who Could

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