Eye Candy, Gum, Candy Bars Or Ice-Cream?

"EVERYONE'S A SINGER! ARE YOU EYE CANDY, GUM, CANDY BARS OR ICE-CREAM?" What? Well, for a singer, being seen AND heard on stage means finding a sweet spot. Being called Eye Candy is a polite way of saying you were seen, not heard. And, you just keep going, smile and be a pro about it. Jus' keep singin'. Now, being called Eye Candy, FAD is a rudely funny, but prolly correct for most of us, way of saying sounded good and looked good, FAD (from a distance) DUH LOL. But, me? I like the idea of being Eye Gum. Chew on the whole piece. Thats means listening while watching. The tasteful stage presence and sound goes from the eyes to the ears to the soul. Gum! Yep. Eye Gum. Now, will I tell where this story came from? Well, lets just say that last nights smiles and Eye Candy FAD on stage werent just from the message and music. Gotta have fun while sharing your heart and soul. And, besides, even if your stage, sometimes, is only in a far off corner in a far off town somewhere to a few, or in your house or garage for your neighbors, or, for an audience of One, its giving your whole piece thats makes it sweet. In every sit. Now, maybe some of us singers might also aspire to be not only gum, but candy bars with nuts in them or ice cream that melts The heart Of both singer and audience. So God can be seen and heard and felt from the inside. And, most important to me? Singers sometimes forget that everyone wants to sing. It's healing. It's medicine for us all... Signed, The Jokes In The Vox

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