“EXPAND YOUR HORRORIZONS! What? So, sometimes, when we are told to expand our horizons, they seem like horrorizons. Until we get used to them, all we can see are the horrors of change. Fear. The horrors of stepping into the impossibles. But! As we face our fears, the horrors become comedies. And, then dramas. And, then? Realities. Possibles! Oh! And, that sunset photograph? Was from a trip I took many moons ago! PIMP LOL. It’s in Texas! At that very moment I was standing outside that 455 Trans-Am and looking over the mountains, I could have never imagined all the horizons I would face and step into over my lifetime or still will. Nor, the cop that would later pull me over for doing 125. PIMP LOL. That was a new horrorizon and I learned my lesson. Racing is for the track. Signed, The Horror In T’morrow Is The Next Day’s Yays

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