Elephants In Their Elements & Humorist's Humerus!

“Elephants In Their Elements & Humorist's Humerus!” What? So, today is a 2-part story. I’ve been feeling like an elephant lately. Both my brain with memory and my body and lungs with slowness and heaviness. So, I decided to trade in the “feeling like the elephants” for “feeling a bit of the elements”! Before I step in it, right? PIMP LOL. As you can see by the sky? The clouds and storms are squeezing out the sun, but not the fresh air. I love fresh air and sun. But, a li’l is a lot today. Time to go back in and await the storm. Listen to some music. Now, that’s being in my element. SIGNED, Nothin’ Eloquent ‘bout This Elephant Writing ‘bout The Elements

My other thoughts for today about body parts and humor: Sometimes you plan ahead. And, sometimes you plant a foot. PIMP LOL. You know? Sometimes, you know you gotta make plans before putting feet to them, but sometimes? You just gotta do it. Plant your feet to the ground and get to work with the help of some elbow grease. But, in either case? Folding the hands and bending the knees helps you plan ahead AND plant a foot via the elbows! Signed, The Humorist Who Wears Her Feelings On Her Humerus

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