“EASY? HARDLY!” What? So, you guys know, at times, it's hardly easy to do the right thing. In fact, easily hard! Other times, you hardly have to think because it's so easy to do the right thing. Still, other times, being wronged hardly feels right and you're left feeling uneasy and easily hardened. But, at any time, doing the right thing leaves you with nothing left to do. PIMP LOL. I know... That was just so wrong! Easy now. What can I say? A lot. But, it’s what I WON’T say that says a lot more! After all thet? My lips are sealed. Well, zipped! Because, maybe the right in the fight might be the wrong in the song, but a zipper lipper says a lot more! And, sings a better song. Sometimes, when we don't zip our lips, we shoot from the hip instead of being hip. To the hush. SIGNED, Hip To The Zip

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