“DISCOVER WHAT YOU’RE MADE OF! DO YOU HANDLE IT OR “FIST”LE IT?!” So, I just Discovered that my name on our Discover account is Yosie. What?!@? See, I called to tell them they made the same mistake for the 3rd time on our account of making a double payment. My Discover was once had paid off back when I got very sick. Had to get my affairs in order. Paid off all our credit cards and vehicle when I was very ill with my KSC savings. Not enough for the house. Darn. Didn’t want to leave them with burdens. Anyways, I’m still here and we’ve had a few burdens so we used Discover and they screwed me again by taking out a double payment. We aren’t rich enough anymore to keep a real padded account so it’s close! And, with college, etc, it was re-e-e-al close. So, anyways, when I called they asked very meanly and sarcastically if Yosie was there because Tracy didn’t have permission to talk about this account. I asked them if they asked permission from Yosie to take out the double payment out of her account. Along with several other questions. The lady kept hollering without letting me get a word in. I mean come on. Yo! My name is not Yosie! It’s Tracy. She was so belligerent and I got pretty upset and almost irate. IRATE LOL (see link for my newest acronym I gotta find humor in the madly ridiculous! Anyways, I discovered that I was tired and needed to talk to God about it and lay my burdens down and then call Discover back to fix it...quickly. When stuff happens, we discover what we’re made of. I handled it. Instead of “fist”ling it! DUH LOL. But, I did insist on speaking to the manager and then his manager and then his until I discovered how persistence and patience and, yes, pleasantness under extreme pettiness, pays off, as usual. I discovered 3 times was enough for me. I know, easier said than done, but sometimes we have to kindly put up with instead of put ‘em up…in anger. When tempers flare, tenderness is rare. Don’t get burnt with a bad temper. Keep it rare. With tenderness… Discover the deep-down. And, He will say: well done faithful servant! SIGNED, I Discovered Laying My Burdens Down Is Debt-free With All The Credit To God

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