Diggin' In, Diggin' Out & Diggin' On. At Our Digs!

"DIGGIN' OUT & DIGGIN' ON AT OUR DIGS!" So, its officially that time of year for me. When it's okay to dig. The Week Of Thanksgiving Into Christmas. Time to dig! Its always fun to dig out old songs, old decorations, old clothes, old cards and old recipes at this time of year. Dig em out so you can dig on em once again. Now, I know, some memories are hard to go through, but youll be glad you did dig and thankful you can enjoy them once again. Dig? So, for the next several weeks or so, I will be digging out and digging on old things, slowly to take it all in and actually enjoy. And, share photodrama and stories of them. I dug out just a few for today. My 2 wreaths I made. And, my Thanksgiving and Christmas angel that I got from a dear friend from the Space Center and antique tins! I have a story behind every thing I dig out. Dig? So, what did the angel say to the ornamental metal cans as they sang Christmas songs? Ummmcan it. You have a tin ear. PIMP LOL. So, have fun this season and sing. Our original blazzy (bluesy jazz) Christmas tune is free from now until the end of the year at our website at www.basicband.biz. Its called Gods Favor. Stop by and dig on it and then get it. Dig? Because just as much as we dig on the old? We can dig on the new. Life changes. Dig? And, here's a link to the Christmas card video and story. Something Christmas-y for the ears, the eyes and the soul: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YISqJCcifl0 Signed, Digging Out & Digging On

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