“DESIGNED & DESTINED! A UNIQUE GIFT TO PRESENT!” What? Did you know that you are a special gift from God designed uniquely like no other and destined to make a difference? Well, you ARE! So, open yourself up and present yourself to the world. The photograph is a card I gave to my girl, but it also fits for everyone. Inside it read “Happy Birthday”, but I changed it to happy everyday! Because everyday is a gift and worth celebrating. And, my girl is wonderful. And, a gift. DUH LOL. And, that got me thinking of that song. “Some Kind Of Wonderful” done by Grand Funk Railroad. I so love that song. One of my all-time top ten. Just saying the title makes you feel good. We do our own originals and sing a cover or two and would so like to do a version of this. They have a church version, too. So funky. Right up my alley. Or, I should say, train tracks. Get it? Grand Funk Railroad. Anyways, it’s grand. And, it’s funky. And it’s a wonderful track. Either version. We are working on 2 blues originals, but man, this is so on our list to work on at the same time. I think it’s some kind of wonderful! I like fun upbeat music. We need more funky and happy in church. In life! So, anyways, open yourself up to possibilities. Each of us come in diff size and style packages. But, we all have a some kind of wonderful gift waiting inside to share. We may wonder what that wonderful gift is at times, but, if we go to the Greatest Gift of all? We will be reminded. Now, go! Think out of the box! The world is waiting. You are destined and designed for uniqueness. SIGNED, The Funky In The Spunky

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