"Decking The Halls? The Neighborhood Carolers?"

DECKING THE HALLS? THE NEIGHBORHOOD CAROLERS? So, who doesnt like to go caroling around the neighborhood! We started out with Deck The Halls. How was I to know the first house of neighbors name WAS The Halls, and that Joe would actually deck them. Joe got mad when he thought we were telling him to put on Don's clothes because his own apparel was gay. Which they were very happy joyous clothes. He just didn't get it. And, by the time we got to the Boughs house next door? Strange! Mr. Bough hung his wife Holly on the front door and called her Wreath-a. He thought she was calling him an ancient troll. And, to top it off? Yul? Well, he was all decorated with flashing lights and caught himself on fire. We def saw the blazing Yul before us! We had to put him out and then get fa la la away! Lesson? Never underestimate the power of song interpretation. Next year? Were singing Silent Night! DUH LOL PIMP LOL. And, know your neighbors! Be neighborly wherever you are. Be a neighbor without waiver. If youre gonna deck? Let it be your halls, not THE Halls. Be patient with your neighbors. Life is interpreted by each person differently. Be happy! Don your gay smile. And, don't take things the wrong way. Even if meant the wrong way. Choose to take things the jolly way 'stead of the folly way. I love you guys. You sleigh me! Signed, The Jolly In The Folly

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