Dabbling In Babbling!

“I BABBLED: NOT THERE YET!” What? So, ever been to that exotic place called There? That comfortable place where you feel right at home with the way you just handled something you thought couldn't move you! Even to tears. Well, I've been There, but not today! Where'd I go? Well, the sign said: You are Here. Guess I took a detour through the Heartland and forgot to pack lightly and ended up back Here. 'stead of There. No worries. It's neither Here nor There. It's recognizing Where you're at and being able to move on. Where am I now? Right Here: I’m at Sensitive City near Transparent Seas and OpenBook Brook, where the babbling feel right at home. And, that is right next to Dejavu Zoo. And, I ain't lion! Lots of bridges to cross there. Don't burn them. Anyways, good thing He's Here and There. And, EveryWhere. Because my detours quite often cut right through the Heartland. No. I'm NOT There, yet! And, when I do get There, it'll most likely have been moved. PIMP LOL. Sometimes, you have to come in to something from a new direction. A new approach. To see a way through to live. To forgive when not asked, to love, to grow, to move... To be moved. To move others. You can see what kind of person I am by my illustrations. Sensitive, which is a good thing, but can spiral downward if you let your emotions lead instead of your spirit. I'm an open book, sometimes hardcover, sometimes softcover. I babble when sometimes I want to be closed so know one can see the feelings on the pages. The up side of feelings? They come in handy when I cover music. And, I'm transparent. That's apparent. This artwork was fun and spoke to me. What did it say? You're not There, but you're not alone. And, after some more thought, I added some more um...thoughts today. Being kind to all kinds? Not easy, but I mean to try! PIMP LOL. It is so easy to be kind to the kind, but kind to the mean? Wow. That doesn’t mean we have to hang out with all kinds. Just don’t suppose your kind is any better. Know what I mean? There are some that are kind and smile on the outside but you’ve seen the mean, inside. You can be kind, but you don't have to trust them with your heart and be an open book to them. Some of us are transparent. An open book that shows. Our inside wants to be kind but our outside emotions show the blood rush. That doesn’t mean we can’t be kind. Letting go of the hurt, anger, shock, hate, payback, etc., is being kind to yourself. All that junk shoots holes in us. And it steals from us. It occupies too much space in our thoughts and seeps into our body and makes us sick and then into our spirit and does the same. How can we love the Lord God with all our (heart) emotions, all our strength (body), all our soul (spirit) and all our mind (intellect) if they're being occupied by someone else’s mean-ness. We allow ourselves to be used for target practice over and over again, when the shot was taken a long time ago. We let our minds be shot at over and over again. Don't think they are giving it another thought. We'd be surprised if we knew how little time others have time to think of others. Boy! That was a little mouthful. Letting go of it can mean freedom! Being mean? I will have none of the kind. But to be kind! You may be able to shoot holes in my theory, but it's not really mine at all. God calls us to do these things because He knows what's good for us. He knows our kind. He knows our mean. And, He tried any means to reach us. Anyways, I’m not There yet, like my story says, but I mean to work on it with all my heart, all my mind, all my soul and all my strength. Sorry for going on so long and babbling! Told you I go to Open Book Babbling Brooks. Click on the photoart to get the um…bigger picture! Have a meaningful day. Not full of mean, but full of the kind that means something. Thanks for being kind. Signed, I Dabble In Babble While Life Is Moving

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