CUTTIN’ A RUG can get ya in a "pile" of trouble!

“CUTTIN’ A RUG can get ya in a "pile" of trouble! What? So, I am washing all my throw rugs today and trimming the rough edges off of them so they will be good for another year. Gotta keep busy with a toothache. What? Did you think I was doing? Cuttin’ a rug, as in dancin’? Well, I do that, and by the looks of some of my rugs, they bear the results. But, no dancing today. Mainly because pain has worn me down, but mainly because if I play music to dance, I will want to sing. And, my mouth won’t like that. Anyways, I have to cut the rough off of the throw rugs from all those other days of CUTTIN’ A RUG. Ironic. Oh! And, you know that old saying “snug as a bug in a rug”? Well, that bug who’s so snug in the rug? Is in a “pile” of trouble ‘round here today. He must be in one of my more thicker piled throw rugs. PIMP LOL. So, go ahead and cut a rug today. And, fix up an old rug or something to make it last longer. That’ll give you something to dance about. I’m hoping for some rain and my tooth to be better so I can get some snug as a bug in a rug today. Because I so need to cut a rug this weekend. Cuz, when you’re in the throws of things? Cut a rug! SIGNED, The Cutter In The Mudder Is Workin' Thru The Pain

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