“CRYTEARIA & THE DELaware DAM!” Yesterday I wrote on the crytearia of TP. You know the standards we judge something on. What makes me cry tears. I was being funny. But, I got to thinking this morning about my crytearia for others in life. Well, with the dark, lonely (though not alone) road I walk a lot with my health, and the life I’ve had, my crytearia for others is a river that flows deep inside me and rarely has a flood that runs out my eyes. A river called The DELaware. Stands for Discernment, Empathy, Love and aware. I am very aware of the feelings of others and their joys and struggles. I feel them. Makes me sensitive. Open book, feelings on sleeves person. Been like that since I was a very li’l girl when I knew there was something inside me, but didn’t find out until my 20’s that it was God. That sensitivity is my strength and my weakness. I am working on the weak part of it. I don’t allow myself to cry so easy. Some call it strong. I call it life. Inside, yes, I cry. Soul tears. But, it takes a lot for me to show tears either of pain and hurt or of joy and awe. You can see it in my eyes, but not the tears. I keep a damn at my DELaware to block the flow. Doesn’t mean it’s not inside. I let it out other ways. By writing, singing, serving, loving and joking. Yes, I have crytearia. Soul crytearia Yes, The DELaware flows in me. I see others through my life’s eyes. How God sees me. My crytearia for others is His. Sometimes it gets damned. We all have those days when we just wanna cry out "damn!". That’s when I need to cry out to God to not be so sensitive. Still, I bare my soul. Signed, The Damn In The Ma’am

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