Count The Ways...On My Fingerless Gloved Fingers.

I can count, on my fingerless gloved fingers, the many ways God has had a hand in my life. And, on my toes! And, it would so take a lot of hands and toes! I can always count on Him. Today, and every day. And, no! I don't wear fingerless socks. PIMP LOL. So, I am just gonna list the 4 short stories He put on my hand and heart and toes this morning! PIMP LOL. Here's one: When I write my humor and hopes life stories, the puns are INtended. While the punch lines are Attended. By PIMP LOL. Or, TNT LOL. Or, DUH LOL, IRATE LOL, or SILENT LOL. Yep! That's right! I make home-made acronyms AND cookies. Well, have a fun day. Make some laughs. Attend life and intend to make a diff. God is in our midst. And, in our mist. Signed, The Fun In The Pun Makes A Diff In The Midst

Here's another: That merry feeling you get when your grownup daughter says she cant wait to go to church God loves a merry heart. And, contrary to popular belief, He loves a contrary heart, too. Hope your day is merry. Sometimes, we have to look for the merry in the contrary. Cuz that's just how life's garden grows. Signed, The Merry In The Contrary

Here's another: Epic someones day! Pic someone to bless, unexpectedly. Its a mess of fun and it will mess with them, epically! Have an epic weekend. Thanks for always lettin' me mess with you guys. And, thanks for the mess of prayers these past months. Still need a mess more. I'm a mess. PIMP LOL. Signed, The Bless In The Mess

And, here's the last one: It's Saturday! Do you know where your groove is? It may have gotten lost somewhere in The Land Of Mojo during the week. Well, when you locate it? Grab it & get in it! If you see mine there? Send it home. Cuz I wanna get my mojo mojo'in and movin'. Have a fun day. Get in the groove. 'tis fitting & edgy & um...groove-y? Signed, I'll Be Groovin' When My Mojo Gets Movin'

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