Corner Your Pain! By Turning UP The Corners Of Your Mouth!

This week, the tooth that broke last year, broke yet again. So the roof plate of my mouth is in a-gone-y. And, also this week, my fave antique Victorian plate broke. Neither is fixable and I don’t know which plate hurt me worse? Um…just joking. And, no!! I wasn't chewing on the plate when they both broke! What? Gotta find humor in plate pain. Gotta find the crack-up in the cracked up. Taking my pieces to the broker of peace to get peaces. To get fixed. Have a peaceful weekend. And, yes, I crack myself up from time to time. Keeps me from cracking up! Most of the time. And, you know? The crack you make with your smile? Lets out the cracks hiding inside you! Corner them! Because those cracks inside hurt us. Corner those cracks. By turning up the corners of your mouth. Smile! It only hurts at first. Have a weekend of cracking up. In a good way. And, no worries 'bout me. Still gonna smile. I got pain cornered! By turning up the corner of my mouth. Even if it is only one corner and only slightly! PIMP LOL. They'll both be turned up soon. Turn up your smile. It may turn down someone's pain. Even, your own... Yes. Life goes on. But, sometimes it's like pulling teeth to find the whoa in the woe. PIMP LOL. Signed, The Cracks That Show Let Out The Cracks That Blow

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