“COLOSSAL COLLAPSING: FINDING COLOSSAL JOY IN COLOSSAL PAIN!” I took a colossal breather outside today before I had a colossal collapse! And, speaking of collapsing? A tell tale sign of your lawn chair collapsing? Those loud slipping breaking scary bending leg sounds. But, with my clogged ears, I thought it was something far away! Bam! No worries. I’m fine. These days I have more cushion, thankfully, in both seats. And, I'm not telling a tale. PIMP LOL. You wanna know what sustained me in the sun’s heat? The coolness of a Whole Fruit strawberry popsicle. You wanna know what sustains me in life’s heat? God’s coolness. Keeps the collapsing at a colossal minimum. Now, our past week has been a colossal, let's just say, something else! A colossal collection of joys and pains. So, while taking a "I don't wanna freak out, lose it and cry" moment outside and looking upon our pretty bougans AND their thorns, I's thinking over the last week. With much pain comes much joy. Because my crown broke and was swallowed, I so much more appreciate straws and soup. Because he has kidney stones, we so much more appreciate lemonade and cranberry. Because my computer screen is broke, I so appreciate the li'l beaten up hand me down cell phone I have. Because we had a flood in the kitchen, we so much more appreciate the old, old dry carpet in the living room. Because, our car overheated and is broke down, we so much more appreciate exercise. Because my head and ears are beyond clogged, I so much more appreciate that I can read lips and sing from my soul. Because, a friend took her own life this week and will be sorely missed, we are reminded to always make a difference in some way and share Christ and take time to notice and care. And, because I've been thru a long struggle of battling a body that most gave up on and never thought I would live long, let alone sing again, we were overjoyed when a dear friend who had a stroke 2 years ago, is progressing and sang "Amazing Grace" for us Friday. Yes, lots has happened this week and more that I can't put and I'm not saying I like all the pain, but the joy is undeniably amazing-er. The lessons are a li'l more deniable, but amazing nonetheless. Grace... Is what saves us. Faith... Is what stays us. Hope... Is what sends us. Love... Is what steadies us. Love you guys. Time for some prayers for all the above. And, I still so wanna do a book and CD's. We don't want much. Just to work hard and make a difference. And, He is what keeps us from collapsing colossally! Keeps us rocking steady! Keeps us looking for the tell tale signs. Signed, The Rock In My Steady Is Colossal

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