Chasing Guitars!

"CHASING GUITARS! BABY STEPS! MY 1st STEP IN BLUES!" It's their fault! They let me take the 1st step! And, it was all downhill from there. They sure didn't know what they were getting themselves into letting me go. And, chasing guitars! PIMP LOL. You can see my brother is holding a little guitar.  But, anyways, there's been a lot of uphills, too. Mountains! A lot of 1st steps after becoming a Christian and a lot of 1st steps after life saving surgeries. A lot of 1st steps in music. But, then, life is all about 1st steps. Baby steps. Sometimes, crawling. We should always be learning. There is only ever one 1st step in any journey. Step into the impossibles. Take the 1st step. In the right direction! Your knees may knock, your legs may shake, your body may wobble and your heart may pound, but you're not alone. Sometimes, life is downhill, but mostly? Uphill if you want to get any where. BTW, that's my Mom and dear brother, Larry. He is with Jesus now. Miss him... Have a fun day, guys. Take a step. Me? I just keep walking. Crawling, even, sometimes! And, sometimes? My spirit's gotta drag my body along screaming and kicking and shouting. PIMP LOL! But, I listen good, baby! Sometimes, you just need something to run to... Signed, Baby, I Thirsts For Firsts

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