“CATERIN’ TO PILLARS & MOTHS! HYSTERICALLY HISTORICAL!” So! I had posted a story about moths and mothman last month. They had covered our outside all around the lights at night. Wild stuff. Well, they are gone, but they laid eggs and now our house is covered with these little caterpillars all day. I read where they love maples and eat them through December. I wondered why my maple looks bare already and the caterpillars are all over it. As I looked closer, they are all over it and on the trunk and they climb up along the roof edge and all over that wall by the maple. Wild stuff! That nature! Anyways, no worries. I love bugs and all that wild outside stuff. Never a dull moment if you look. There is always mystery. Thanks to our Creator. He is our pillar and He caters pillars to us in the form of nature every day. Great big eye-opening mysteries. Pillars! Some hysterical and some historical. Have a fun day. Look for the mystery and make history. Be a caterer of pillars. SIGNED, The Historical Buggy Lover In The Hysterical Huggy Mother

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