“CASTS!” I stepped outside yesterday after we fixed the AC and a long week of overcast skies and downcast happenings and I saw the sun for a moment. Got me thinking a bit about different kinds of casts. So, most of us have all been in a cast for broken bones and down cast with a broken heart. Plenty of us have seen things look overcast in our broken world around us or have been wrongly cast in the play of our life. Even felt like an outcast! God will not cast you out. He repairs broken bones, broken hearts, broken worlds and wrongs before they break us. He brokers our brokens. Have a fun day. Cast aside your hurt for humor, your fretting for freedom that comes with forgiveness. Cast your cares upon He who cares. Cast your overcast, downcast, outcast, or in a cast to the One who never casts out. Signed, The Spoken In The Broken

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