“CARS, TUNE-UPS & SERVICE STATIONS!” So, we’re taking the car in this morning to our fave guy and service station to make sure it's ready for the trip to college in 1 week. Been going to Billie and his place, Union Sales, for over 20 years and is the only place around like that anymore. Love supporting him. Plus, he’s fair and honest. Anyways, the car is 13 years old, so, it needs to be handled with care. And, I'll be heading to my fave body shop and soul station today and all this next week to get me ready, too. Although, I'm just a li'l older than 13. PIMP LOL. His place is always open and I'm sure I'll be there every day this week to get handled with care. Been going to His place now for a long time. He’s fair and honest, too. So, keep me in your prayers to not just be there for her big day, but be well. You get what I’m driving at, right? PIMP LOL. Hope to be traveling and driving a lot more after this. Oh. And, the photodrama? Me in my garage with our car where we do tune-ups and up tunes. And, speaking of them? Here’s a cover of a Robbie Robertson song we did out there with a li’l camera for fun. Have fun watching and listening and take care! Stop by His service station soon. And, Billie’s. Or, you're nearby local service station before there's none left. SIGNED, The Driver In The Survivor

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