“BUGGIN YOU, HOSING IT, BLOWING UP & SPLITTING!" What? Well, lotsa times when we’re under pressure, we make like my supposed lifetime pocket Ultra hose did today? We blow up and then split! Yep. That’s what my hose did! Too much pressure, I guess. PIMP LOL. So, I took this baby back and exchanged it for a new one. Anyways, lifetime signifies an expected continual performance and commitment. And, commitment is perseverance, but, also means to have the time of your life. Just sayin’. A lifetime of having the time of your life. Doesn’t mean always Ultra easy times, but it does mean times. Experience. Moments. And, you know, sometimes, we gotta split so’s we don’t blow up. And, sometimes, we gotta blow up or we will def split. But, usually? We should be like a hose. Watering what’s around us. Gently. Keeps pressure from building up. Life is all about exchange. Giving and receiving. And, having the time of your life for a lifetime. Of commitment. To one another. To God. You know they used to call phones number exchanges. Call someone. Visit someone. Because exchange changes us. And, BTW? As I was watering with the new hose, I saw the bug in the second photograph and it made me think even more. I was thinking that it was saying to the wall, “I sure hope I’m not bugging you cuz I’m stucco on you!” PIMP LOL. And, I was thinking about how we feel that way, sometimes, that we’re bugging someone to ask for help or exchange. Take a chance. And, if someone “bugs” you today? Don’t make them feel like they’re bugging you. Remember the hose. A sprinkle of gentleness grows a long way. Signed, I Knows ‘bout Hose

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