“BRINGING HOME THE BACON!” WARNING! I did not wake up to the sound and aroma of bacon cooking this morning. I repeat! I did not wake up to bacon cooking this morn. My day just won't have the same sizzle to it. Guess I'll just have to make the best of it and ham it up. Guess that's the real warning here. PIMP LOL. Ya know, a pout will fizzle out once we realize how much we're loved and can love and serve others. Not just talkin' serving bacon here. BTW? Leave a note on your bacon in the fridge to let them know you are thankful they bring home the bacon. Be thankful. Cuz, I don't know 'bout you? But, I've had my bacon saved a lot! Even after I was saved by Grace! BTW? The best bacon? Wright’s! It is alright! The best! Signed, The Fizzle Out Of The Sizzle Pout

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